Summer Artificial Intelligence Training in Noida

AP2V Noida is one of the best IT training institutes in Delhi NCR. At AP2V, you get the world-class Summer Artificial Intelligence Training in Noida. The entire content of the AI is developed by leading AI professionals looking at the current demands and help find the best artificial engineering job at top MNCs of India. Our prime attraction of Summer Artificial Intelligence Coaching in Noida is training through real-world projects to enhance your skills and accelerate your career in the field. Upon 70% of completion of the course, we will prepare you for interviews. Our certificate for the course is recognized in almost all national and multi-national companies. It is a job oriented program. 

What are the Prerequisites to Enroll in Summer Artificial Intelligence Coaching in Noida?

  • Our Summer Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning in Noida is beneficial for software engineers, SEO experts, Analysts, and Data Science experts. 
  • Freshly online marketing certificate holders and IT graduates can also apply to the course. 


We have set no prerequisites for the course. 

Why Join AI Course or Advantages of AI?

Our Artificial Intelligence Course in Noida is beneficial to you in many ways. In India, the demand of AI engineers has increased and is not going to stop in the near future. Government and private organizations like to hire AI experts looking at the vulnerability in the IT sector. In Delhi, top organizations like Instalocate, Redcarpet. Cash, ADD, The Solar Labs, and Waylo like to hire AI experts. The demand and supply ratio is not the same. The demand ratio is more than the supply. So, it has come up as a greater opportunity. Following are the job roles offered to AI and Data Science experts-

  • Data Engineer
  • Analyst
  • Data scientists
  • Statistician 
  • Analytics manager

Highlights of Our Summer Artificial Intelligence Course in Noida 

  • Importance of machine learning
  • Difference between GPUs and CPUs
  • How Deep Neural Networks is modeled on human brain
  • Role of Machine Learning and relation with artificial intelligence
  • Making use of GPUs to train DNNs

Why Hire AP2V for Summer Artificial Intelligence Course in Noida?

  • A leading IT institute committed to offer live-project based training to our candidates
  • Providing training by experts who have years of experience in the AI
  • Industry-based standard AI curriculum 
  • Tie-up with leading MNCs to arrange interviews for our candidates
  • Helping candidates to crack interviews by upgrading their resume, group discussions, mock interviews and so on….


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