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AngularJS is the open source JavaScript framework that helps in building web applications faster. It is used to create scalable and performance-oriented client-side applications. This framework provides an ecosystem for development using external libraries and tools. It can take a lot of time to master this framework on your own. Hence, we provide you the best AngularJS training in Noida. We teach comprehensively with a deep impetus on enterprise-level applications to boost your career prospects. We are known to be the best Angular JS training institute in Noida due to our experienced team of trainers and detailed curriculum.

The Latest Trends in Angular JS:

Most of the experts believe that Angular takes the lead in JavaScript front-end framework in the software industry. The latest trends point towards the popularity of Angular 2 and it will continue to be a widely preferred JavaScript framework in 2018 and beyond. With a comprehensive Angular 2 training in Noida, you can develop these skills and make better apps.

It is also expected that Angular JS will enter Long-Term Support or LTS by the mid of 2018. The company has announced that it will publish patch releases like 1.7.1 and 1.7.2 through the year. These patch releases will primarily include non-breaking change fixes and features only. More companies will plan to migrate to Angular 2 and 4. But, this migration depends on efficiency and Angular practices adopted by developers at the time of building Angular 1 apps. These trends show that there will be a greater need of developers who can architect apps based on the latest version of this framework. Hence, you should take Angular 4 training in Noida.

Course Prerequisites:

To learn Angular concepts and techniques, you should prefer enrolling at the best institute for Angular in Noida. We, at AP2V Noida, have been shaping the career of IT aspirants with our structured course and tech-related training modules. However, there are some basic prerequisites that should be possessed by the learners to delve deep into this framework. Though these requisites aren’t mandatory, it helps in fast learning if you have a basic knowledge of programming languages. The concepts related to JavaScript should be clear and you should understand NodeJS, NoSQL, and MongoDB for an enhanced learning. You can take our self-paced Node Js training in Noida and other courses to learn these basics along with Angular techniques.

Course Summary:

With our advanced Angular Training, we aim to grow your programming skills. We have a team of highly skilled trainers and instructors who possess in-depth knowledge about Angular methods and modules. Our hands-on training encompasses relevant aspects related to this JavaScript framework. It is designed to give you a competitive edge in the field of web applications development. On completion of our AngularJS course in Noida, you will grasp these concepts and attain the following course objectives:

  • A thorough understanding of single page applications and role of Angular JS in their development.
  • Knowledge about different ways of developing a program using alternate APIs.
  • Understanding various application concepts, testing methods, and development tools.
  • Working with TypeScript and understanding Angular 4 architecture.
  • Creating model-driven forms and using HTTP with routing and pipes.
  • Understanding how to use NodeJs, and MongoDB Mean Stack to create easy functioning.
  • Exploring the best ways to upgrade from Angular 1 application for multi-device application.

These are the objectives that you can accomplish by taking our AngularJS tutorial. With these skills, you can definitely make a mark in web application development. Join the list of training institute in Noida having the best in-class training modules to help you through.


What is Angular in Programming?

It is a programming framework maintained by Google and a community of developers and corporations to facilitate single-page application development. This framework is a library of code created in JavaScript and HTML to write apps that can be used or adapted for future purposes as well. There is an approach to data binding in this framework. It allows apps to run efficiently using a scope object.

What is the Use of Angular JS?

Before taking up our Angular 2 tutorial or Angular 4 tutorial, you should clearly understand the uses and applications of this framework. Not every application can be built on this platform. In fact, it is a high level of abstraction for programmers to rapidly create apps used by websites. They help in hiding the lower level abstraction of data binding details in HTML. It can be used to make static web pages more dynamic and functional.

What Is the Scope of Angular JS?

When you learn Angular JS and Angular 2, you will know about the scope of this framework. It refers to the binding part between JavaScript as controller and HTML as View. It is an object with available methods and properties. When working on this framework, it is always advisable to know which scope you are handling.

What is Angular JS 4?

It is a TypeScript-based open source frontend web application framework. It was released by Angular team in 2017. There are many upgraded features in this version. It supports the If-Else condition and can use as keyword in for loop. You can take our Angular basics training to know more about it.


The Key Advantages of Learning Angular JS from AP2V Noida:


To gain knowledge with our Angular JS tutorial for beginners, it is important for you to understand the key differentiators that make AP2V Noida a preferred choice. We have a team of well-educated instructors to guide you at every step of Angular JS online training. The main advantages of taking this course at AP2V Noida:

  • A world-class curriculum designed by a skilled faculty.
  • A well-structured training format that covers every important aspect of this programming framework.
  • Flexibility in training modules to suit your work schedules.
  • Complete placement assistance and support by industry’s best mentors.

With help and guidance of AP2V Noida’s experienced faculty and our course structure, you can definitely boost your career in the field of web application programming. For further details, call us at +91 124 4363210 and talk to our experts.

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