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As a leading open source document database, MongoDB has emerged as a potential career option for the IT aspirants. It is written in C++ language and allows varied functions for high volume data storage with accuracy. With our best MongoDB training in Noida, we aim to equip you with the knowledge required for mastering data ingestion, modeling, and query management. We are a premier and the best MongoDB training institute in Noida providing this tutorial with a detailed coursework and hands-on training. We will teach you all the tools and techniques that you require to work flawlessly within this cross-platform database system.


The Trends and Job Prospects in MongoDB:

At its core, MongoDB is a distributed database that ensures horizontal scaling, ease of use, and easy availability. Our MongoDB coaching at AP2V Noida will help in mastering this database along with its architecture, schema design, indexing, and data modeling. This is an evolving field of the IT industry. As per estimates made by Forbes, MongoDB is consistently undergoing growth at a rate of 8-9% annually.

It is expected to reach from $36 billion to $40 billion in terms of market value in the coming year. It has more than 900 customers including Fortune 100 companies. All these trends indicate towards a lucrative job market that you can explore for a bright career ahead. At AP2V Noida, we provide extensive MongoDB training in Noida to further brighten the scope for you in this field. With average salaries for a certified MongoDB professional at $134K, this is definitely a career path that you must walk on.

Course Prerequisites:

When you are looking to build your career as a DBM expert, MongoDB can be the stepping stone in your journey. Therefore, you should acquire a complete understanding of this database system. It includes knowledge about databases, program execution, and text editing. To begin with, there are no mandatory prerequisites that you must possess. Even if you are a beginner, you can join our MongoDB institute in Noida.

However, it is advisable to possess a basic understanding of any mainstream programming language and concepts related to database management. It will be beneficial if you understand basics of RDBMS or relational database management system. When equipped with this knowledge, you can complete this course within stipulated time to get your certification.


Course Summary:

At AP2V Noida, we provide the most comprehensive MongoDB and Node Js training in Noida. This course is focused on developing the skills that will help you in understanding data replication along with updating, installing, and administering MongoDB ecosystem. It will typically begin with installation and configuration of this system on both Windows and Mac operating system. On completion of this MongoDB tutorial, you will be equipped with the following skills and gain knowledge of various concepts including:

  • Learn how to write applications in Java and Node Js with the help of MongoDB.

  • With our MongoDB certification and coaching, you will also understand the multiple roles played by experts of this database system.

  • Learn more about schema designing, aggregation framework, recovery options, and scalability in MongoDB environment.

  • Know about backup options and the best strategies available.

  • Learn deeply about sharding and replication of data for optimized read and write performance.

  • Gain practical experience in the creation and management of different indexes to execute a query.

  • Learn how you can process a huge amount of data using its tools.

  • Know about management, replica, and master-slave concept related to DB notes.

  • Know about integration of Hadoop into MongoDB.

  • Learn data migration using Hadoop in this database system.

These are key skills that you can gain with AP2V Noida’s MongoDB course in Noida. We also provide web designing course in Noida to hone your skills in development of fully functional web applications.


What Does MongoDB Do?

MongoDB is a document-oriented database model build on architecture of documents and collections. It allows documents in a particular collection to be represented with different structures and fields. It also supports the creation of dynamic schema designs. MongoDB can be used for real-time analytics based on data processing. It ensures a faster access to data and can be run over multiple servers at a time.

Is MongoDB the Same As NoSQL?

NoSQL functions with dynamic schema to process unstructured data that can be stored in different ways. It gives flexibility to create documents without defining their structure. On the other hand, MongoDB is a preferable choice for applications with databases having undefined schema. If you cannot define it for your database or if it changes continuously, MongoDB is definitely a better choice.

What are the Advantages of MongoDB over MySQL?

MySQL is widely recognized as a relational database management system for storage of structured data. However, in the modern digital age, data isn’t restricted to the structured format. This is where MongoDB proves effective. It has multiple data models to be used alternatively. It supports atomicity in the operations. It allows server-side scripting for enhancing the performance with better scalability and faster speed.


Is MongoDB Used for Big Data?

In big data systems, MongoDB is used for real-time data storage and offline operations as well. The organizations can serve more users with higher amounts of data and deeper insights that create more value for their business. Therefore, it is important to select the appropriate technology for your specific applications. You can use MongoDB for faster processing with lesser risks.

Advantages of Learning MongoDB from AP2V Noida:

At AP2V Noida, we have designed a comprehensive course for providing career-oriented big data Hadoop training, MongoDB tutorial, and NoSQL tutorial for the interested candidates. Our courses cover every important aspect of these technologies to advance your career in the right direction. You will gain an edge in the job market by undergoing our MongoDB and Hadoop training in Noida. The main advantages of joining AP2V Noida are:

  • Discover the potential of the database management system for a lucrative job opportunity.

  • Learn MongoDB concepts from the industry’s leading experts and tutors.

  • Flexibility in scheduling of classes as per your suitability.

  • Convenience and support in acquiring the best placement within the industry.

With these advantages, we also aim to streamline our course material and modules so they will become easier to learn for the beginners. If you intend to build your career in this field, you can call us at +91 120 4364774 and speak to our professionals for more details.

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24+ hours of best-in-class content developed by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects. Virtual, hands-on learning allow you to apply your technical skills in realistic environments.


Introduction to NoSQL Lesson: 1 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • What Is NoSQL?
  • Why NoSQL databases are required.
  • Types of NoSQL Database
  • NoSQL vs SQL Comparison
  • ACID & BASE Property
  • CAP Theorem
  • Benefits of NoSQL databases
  • Installation
  • Start and Stop the MongoDB process
Architecture Lesson: 2 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Document, Collection, Databases
  • JSON and BSON
  • Storage Engines (WiredTiger and MMAP)
  • Read Path
  • Journaling
  • Write Path
  • Working Set
  • Capped Collection
  • Oplog collection
  • TTL Index
  • GridFS
CRUD Operations Lesson: 3 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • MongoDB Data Types
  • Inserting, Update, Deleting the documents
  • Querying the documents
  • Bulk insert operation
  • Updating multiple document
  • Limiting documents
  • Filtering documents
Schema Design and Data modeling Lesson: 4 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Dynamic Schema
  • What is Data modeling?
  • RDBMS and MongoDB Data modeling difference
  • Embedding Document
  • Reference Document
Indexes Lesson: 5 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Index concepts in MongoDB
  • Types of indexes
  • Indexes and its use cases
  • Creating Indexes
  • Managing Indexes
  • Index strategies
Database Administration Lesson: 6 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Database status
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Current Operations
  • Rotating log files
  • Users and Roles
  • Copy and Clone database
  • DB and Collection Stats
  • Explain plan
  • Profiling
  • Changing configuration files
  • Upgrading the database
Backup and Security Lesson: 7 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Concept of backups
  • mongoexport/mongoimport
  • mongodump/mongorestore
  • Oplog backups
  • LVM Backups
  • Backups using MMS/Ops Manager
  • Purpose of security
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Role-based access control
Replication Lesson: 8 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Concept of replication
  • ReplicaSet member roles
  • Voting and Electing primary
  • Role of Oplog in replication
  • Read and Write Concern
  • rbiter, Hidden and Delayed replica node
  • Priority settings
  • Replicaset nodes health check
  • Concept of resyncing the nodes
  • Rollbacks during failover
  • Keyfile authentication
Scalability Lesson: 9 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Concept of Scalability
  • Sharding concept
  • Shardkey and Chunks
  • Choosing shardkey
  • Sharding components
  • Types of Sharding
  • Balanced data distribution
  • Sharded and Non-sharded collection
  • Sharded Replicaset
  • Tag aware sharding
Monitoring and Other Tools Lesson: 10 | Duration: 1.5 hours
  • MMS Manager
  • Ops Manager
  • Mongo utility commands
  • Mongo developer tools
  • MongoDB Atlas
  • MongoDB client drivers

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