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As a programming language, R helps in effective data analysis and statistical applications. It is an open-source language that has tremendously grown in its popularity over the years. At AP2V Noida, we offer the best R course in Noida for aspirants who are looking for a bright career in this field. Our R programming course in Noida includes a wide curriculum covering aspects of statistics and data analysis. You will learn how to program using this language on completion of this course at the best R training institute in Noida. With its ability to support a variety of functions, this language will help in advancing your IT career on the right path with a detailed knowledge of data visualization and predictive analysis.


The Future Scope of R Programming:

In the recent times, R programming has become essential for numeric analysis and machine learning applications. In fact, the popularity of this language is expected to grow even further in the coming years. It has nearly 2 million users worldwide and this number may grow by up to 40% per year with more organizations embracing it for their operations. This language has a lot of email lists and online discussion groups that signify its popularity. Being an open source analytics tool, R language has been improved over years with a huge community of programmers and developers contributing to its growth.

Job Prospects in R Programming:

Every year, thousands of job requirements are emerging in the field of statistics and data analysis. For most of these job profiles, R programming is considered to be an essential skill. If you are looking to hone your career skills for positions like data scientists, big data engineers, IT specialists, machine learning engineers, and database developers, you should take R training in Noida from AP2V Noida. Our program covers all the important aspects related to this programming language. Also, we provide complete support for certification and placement on completion of R course.

Course Prerequisites:

R programming language is basically designed to facilitate statistical computing. It is available for Windows and Linux systems. In the current context, this language is used for finding trends and insights related to datasets in various statistical environments. To learn about this course from our R training institute in Noida, there are no mandatory prerequisites. However, you need some fundamental understanding of analytical operations and statistics to grasp the concepts of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data mining. The most important prerequisites for this R programming classroom training at AP2V Noida are:

  • Basic knowledge of computer programming and any programming language.

  • Solid understanding of mathematical statistics.

  • Deep knowledge of graphs for data analysis and representation.


Course Summary:

The candidates willing to get enrolled in our R training institute in Noida are benefited by our deep industry experience and professional tutors who can guide you at every step. We have a proper R programming course duration and competitive fees to make you competent in this ever-evolving job market. You will learn about applications of R language in data sciences on completion of our R coaching. The key skills that you’ll learn in this course are:

  • Learn the basics of R code through interactive lessons that teach you how to write real codes.

  • Know how to install R software, run various analyses, load datasets, and make graphs.

  • Learn navigation using R studio interface.

  • Understand how to manage add-on packages and use R help tools to find solutions in this domain.

  • Learn how you can perform basic functions and commands in R programming.

Ap2v offers the best R and SAS course in Noida covering all these aspects to improve your data analytics skills.


What is R Technology?

R is a programming language defined for statistical computing. This GNU project was developed by John Chambers at Bell Laboratories. It provides an array of graphical and statistical techniques that are extensible as well. R provides an open source environment for research and development in statistical methodologies.

Is R an Object-Oriented Programming Language?

Yes, R is a popular object-oriented programming (OOP) language used by millions of users worldwide. It helps to construct modular chunks of codes that can be implemented as building blocks for bigger projects. Being a functional language, it also supports object-oriented style using the systems like S3 and S4. In S3, you can overload a function depending on the type and number of input parameter. On the other hand, S4 can be understood as a complex OOP system.

What are the Features of R Programming Language?

R is a simple and well-composed programming language that encompasses loops and user-defined recursive functions. It ensures an effective storage and data management. This language has a suite of operators to facilitate calculations related to lists, matrices, vectors, and arrays. It offers a coherent and integral collection of tools for effective data analysis and visualization. R also offers graphical features to ensure accurate data analysis.


Why Is R Language Important?

There are many advantages that make R a preferred programming language for developers. It has a rich set of visualization and functionalities for data science. The codes developed in R can be easily shared with different users working on different operating systems. Without any downtime, you can easily handle a massive load of data.

Advantages of learning R from AP2V Noida:

If you want to shape up your career as a data scientist or data analyst, you can benefit largely from our R programming language training in Noida. In this course, we cover the vital features, concepts, and techniques pertaining to this language. You will not only learn R programming but also develop real codes while learning at our center. The main benefits of joining AP2V Noida are:

  • A detailed curriculum specifically designed to provide R tutorial for beginners who have minimum knowledge of programming and data science.

  • A well-experienced faculty comprising professionals having expertise in implementing R for data science applications.

  • Complete placement support and guidance provided by the best consultants in the industry.

  • Availability of Online courses and classroom sessions at a world-class training institute in Noida.

AP2V Noida aims to be your preferred R training center in the country with a well-defined course structure. We possess the right expertise, resources, and infrastructure that you need for nurturing your data analysis and statistical skills. For more information on this training, call us today at +91 124 4324774 and talk to our experts.

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