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In the field of technology, Big Data is the hottest trend. It refers to the enormous amount of data that is infeasible for a single human to access. Nearly 90% of data was generated in the past two years across the world. It is a gigantic amount of intelligence that can teach IT professionals about user habits and integration of big data into organizational operations. At AP2V Noida, we provide the best big data training in Noida for shaping your career in this ever-evolving field. We are the best big data training institute in Noida offering a lot of career opportunities to IT professionals and beginners alike.

Recent Trends in Big Data:

As per industry experts, it is expected that big data market will grow up to $46.34 billion by 2018. This technology is in a consistent stage of evolution. The global revenues from this technology are anticipated to reach $203 billion by the end of 2020. Hadoop usage is also increasing by 32.9% every year. BI professionals have predicted the rise of data visualization and data discovery for processing big data sets. In the year 2018 and beyond, the organizations will strive to achieve streaming analytics which refers to processing and analyzing of data when it is in the stage of creation. With faster and smarter machine learning, this technology will help enterprises to make accurate and appropriate business predictions.

The most interesting trend in this industry is the emergence of more than 440,000 jobs to be generated in the USA alone. As a result, it makes sense for IT professionals to find big data Hadoop training in Noida to give them the skills required for success. At AP2V Noida, we provide a host of data analytics course in Noida to give you the desired impetus to grow.

Course Prerequisites:

If you are passionate about big data Hadoop training and placement in Noida, we offer the best courses to train you from the scratch. To begin with these courses, you may need to possess a basic knowledge of programming languages like Java. Core Java helps you to grasp the technology and architectural APIs of big data. However, it is not mandatory to possess any such skill to learn big data. This technology entails data management with more intelligence and efficiency. Hence, it can also benefit professionals having a prior knowledge of data warehousing and machine learning.

At AP2V Noida, we can also provide prerequisite courses to learn big data step by step. Our industry experts will train you and we provide real-time projects for hands-on learning with cost-effective big data Hadoop training cost. With these attributes, we help you prepare for a successful career ahead.

Course Summary:

AP2V Noida’s big data tutorial helps you in mastering the concepts of Hadoop framework and its deployment. We aim to provide in-depth knowledge related to big data concepts. On completion of this course, you will learn big data from scratch to develop the skills that include:

  • Learn big data Hadoop components such as Yarn, Pig, Impala, HBase, Hive, Apache Spark, Flume, and MapReduce.
  • Understand data ingestion using the tools like Sqoop.
  • Know how to create database and tables in Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Learn about data storage, resilient distribution datasets, and common use cases of Hadoop technology using interactive algorithms.
  • In-depth knowledge of data mining, information warehousing, and machine learning.
  • Using information visualization tools effectively.

Big data and analytics is a dynamic field where you need to adapt to the latest technologies as they evolve. To keep pace with this technology, you should learn big data concepts from the skilled trainers at AP2V Noida.


What Is Big Data and Hadoop?

Big data refers to a collection of unstructured and structured datasets that are hard to process using conventional computing practices. It includes a variety of tools, techniques, and framework to collect and process this data intelligently. Majority of this data is unstructured and it needs proper formatting to facilitate further analysis. Hadoop is a framework that allows structuring of this big data to help in subsequent analytics. This Apache open-source framework is written in Java and it provides massive storage for the datasets that need further processing.

What is Big Data Analytics?

It is the technique used to assess and process huge amounts of data to find hidden correlations, insights, and patterns. It helps organizations to harness the information they possess to find new opportunities for growth. As a result, it leads to smart businesses, happy customers, and higher revenues. Big data technologies like Hadoop help in finding more effective ways of operations and faster decision making.

What is Big Data Used For?

Almost every industry vertical benefits from uses of big data and Hadoop. These technologies offer a variety of functions ranging from location tracking to customer targeting. In the healthcare industry, it improves the level of patient care with efficiency of medication and 24/7 monitoring. Fraud detection in banking and finance sector has become predictable and preventable due to big data. It streamlines communications to manage the data challenges in media and entertainment industry.

What are the Characteristics of Big Data?

There are many characteristics of big data that include volume which is enormous, Variety due to heterogeneous sources, velocity due to speed of data generation, and variability due to inconsistency found in data. Apart from these, it also includes veracity that refers to the quality of data collected.

The Advantages of Learning Big Data from AP2V NOIDA:

With our big data analytics courses, you can master the concepts and principles of Hadoop framework. It prepares you for big data certification that will boost your career on the desired path. Our online Hadoop training and classroom sessions are designed to improve your knowledge and expertise in this field. We provide real-life projects in different industries to further strengthen your skills. The key differentiators of AP2V Noida’s big data Hadoop training are:

  • An experienced faculty to guide you at every step of your big data learning path.
  • A flexible schedule that can be customized as per your convenience.
  • A detailed curriculum covering every aspect including big data analytics tools.
  • Placement support offered by our experienced consultants.

With these advantages, we strive to give a competitive edge to your career in the field of big data analytics. If you want to take our courses to learn big data for beginners, call our experts at +91 124 4364210 and explore new opportunities.

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