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A Certified Ethical Hacker is a computer expert who systematically tries to look for security vulnerabilities in a computing system or network. These systems can be exploited by malicious hackers if these weaknesses aren’t removed. This is where ethical hackers use their skills to penetrate deeper into these computing and networking systems to make them safer. They do this with the consent of owner with the same techniques and methods used by black hat hackers. This is an evolving career opportunity for those interested in building their network security skill set.  If you want to explore these opportunities, take the best CEH training in Noida. We offer a comprehensive course structure covering step by step methodologies used by the hackers. In fact, we are the best CEH training institute in Noida.

What Are the Future Scope and Trends in Ethical Hacking?

This is a field with a never-ending scope for development. Whenever a new computing system is devised, it needs to be protected with robust security protocols as well. This requires a deep knowledge of the penetration power of a system. So, those who love breaking down computers and networks can find a perfect job opportunity in ethical hacking. If you’re one of them, take AP2V Noida’s ethical hacking course in Noida.

As per the industry estimates, there is a serious paucity of cyber security talent to secure vulnerable computers and networks. In India alone, there is a consistent need for more than 80,000 ethical hackers in a year while only 15,000 are getting prepared. This deficit of talent needs to be compensated with more emphasis on this domain. Most importantly, CEH hackers get nearly 44% more salary than other IT professionals. Due to these factors, there is an increasing scope for white-hat hackers who can secure these systems effectively. With CEH hacking training in Noida offered by the skilled professionals at AP2V Noida, you can also hone your hacking skills in a legal manner.

Course Prerequisites:

At AP2V Noida, we provide a detailed cyber security course in Noida. It covers vital elements and aspects related to ethical hacking. Anyone can join this course as a beginner having no prior knowledge of penetration testing. There are no mandatory prerequisites to join our ethical hacking course online. However, if you possess a basic understanding of computing and networking fundamentals, it will prove helpful in faster learning. A basic knowledge of TCP/IP is also recommended for the learners. It doesn’t need any Linux or programming knowledge as such.

If you possess these certified ethical hacker prerequisites, it becomes easier to grasp the ethical hacking concepts. Even if you don’t have any previous knowledge or skills, you can take our beginner level courses and learn everything you need from the best ethical hacking institute in Noida.

Course Summary:

AP2V Noida’s CEH course and certification program are designed to help you master the hacking techniques used for penetrating the networking systems to protect IT infrastructure in an organization. Apart from the basic knowledge of assessing computer security, you will also learn more about phishing and exploitation malpractices used by black hat hackers. Some key skills that you will learn on completion of this course are:

  • An in-depth knowledge of tactics and methodologies required to penetrate a computer network.
  • Learn more about the firewalls, wireless hacking, IDS, and honeypots.
  • Immerse into a hacker’s mindset to think like a hacker and defend against impending cyber attacks.
  • Know about networking fundamentals and interactions of devices within a network.
  • Gathering complete information about the client and gain access to any account accessed within their network.
  • Learning about smartphone or mobile device hacking, exploiting reverse engineering, writing virus codes, and lots more.
  • Covering the latest technological developments and their implementation within the enterprise systems.
  • Advanced log management for enhanced information security.
  • Learning advanced ethical hacking concepts like securing apache web servers, network packet analysis, hacking SQL and Oracle databases.

These are skills imparted by our certificate course in ethical hacking and cyber security. We offer these courses at affordable and highly competitive ethical hacking course fees



How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

To become an ethical hacker, you need to get the certification and credentials from a certified institute. This course helps you learn about exploits, vulnerabilities, and counter-practices that help in identifying potential risks and to avert them. You should possess some basic programming knowledge and fundamentals of networking to get started. Also, you need to learn about the platforms on which you intend to work. The best way is to learn OS levels operations of any programming language that you are looking to learn.

What Is The Use Of Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is the legal method used to find the security vulnerabilities in a computing system. With a proliferation of the internet and technology in almost every field, it has become important to secure the data available on the networks. With the help of ethical hacking, organizations can assess penetration level in their systems and take corrective measures using the expertise of certified professionals.

Which Programming Languages are used by ethical Hackers?

An ethical hacker breaks the protocols or application security that is built using some programming language. Hence, it is important to possess knowledge of popular programming languages to learn ethical hacking. You should know languages like HTML, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and Perl at a basic level. Similarly, learning C/C++, Python, Ruby, and Java is important to write exploits.

Which Is The Best Way To Learn Ethical Hacking?

To get into this field, you should know the nuances of this field. You should possess some knowledge of multiple domains, databases, and operating systems. It is ideal to go for an entry-level certification to get started. Know about CEH certification requirements before enrolling for any such course. You should also take a certified ethical hacker exam.

Advantages of Learning CEH Hacking from AP2V Noida:

At AP2V Noida, we offer the most advanced CEH training in Noida. We have the best team of industry leaders onboard to prepare the curriculum and teaching formats. You can rely on our competence and experience in this field. the main advantages of our course are:

  • Trained and skilled team of professionals to impart CEH training.
  • Flexibility to opt for classroom sessions or ethical hacking online course as per your suitability.
  • Complete placement support offered by the best consultants and instructors.
  • Detailed curriculum and hands-on practical training to hone your hacking skills.

 As the best ethical hacking coaching in Noida, AP2V Noida takes pride in shaping the successful career of many IT aspirants. We wish to develop your skills in this field for a lucrative career ahead. So, join our course and speak to our tutors at +91 120 4324774.

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