AP2V Noida is a Django training institute in Noida preferred by students and working professionals for meticulous courses that encourage a comprehensive insight into the subject matter. Our Django training in Noida aids you in getting certified and we also offer students placement assistance. If it is your dream to learn Django, then you must consider taking an advanced Django training course. Our training center in Noida is the perfect place that extends Django tutorial for beginners before they can evolve to an advanced level of training.


A Growing Need for Professionals Experienced in Python and Django

Leading experts in the industry accredit Python as being easy to use and efficient for Server side programming. A closer look at the statistics in itself indicates the clear advantage Python has gained over PHP for the same. At the moment, nearly 60% websites online function with Python development, while most use Django as the ideal full stack web development framework.


Therefore, the widespread popularity of these courses makes them a favourite among computer science students as well as software engineers. Should you seek a high flying career in web development, you must study Python and then get trained in Django.


Course Summary

At AP2V Noida, we are known for accomplished instructors and an industry standard curriculum. Our Django Classroom Training is designed to help you get certified in Django. Our course offers students flexible timings, customizable lessons and every convenience that they shall need on their way to a flourishing career in Django.


What is django used for?

As a full stack web development framework written in Python, Django is remarkably helpful in the creation of well rounded websites that operate on Python. Its USP is fast development with a sensible and cleanly written code.


What is it Django?

A major Python Web framework, Django aids swift web development with easy, practical and inspired design. Having been developed by talented developers, it manages to help users save time with a streamlined Web development process. That being said, it allows users to pay attention to writing the app without wasting time focusing on the fundamental hassles of web development. In fact the brilliance of this platform and rewarding work opportunities has made countless students seek IOS Training in Noida.


What are the advantages of django over other frameworks?

A superlative web framework, Django was incepted to speed up the web project development process for corporates as well as other businesses in the IT sector globally. There are ample benefits of Django such as it is completely free as well as open source. The most important advantage however, remains that is that it is the preferred web development framework for perfectionists with who have little time to execute major tasks.


What does it mean to be Django?

The literal translation of the word is “I awake” in Romany. In essence Django is a popular web development framework.


What sites use Django?

The following are the best Django sites-

Disqus is best known as a portal that hosts blog comments, while Bitbucket is popular for its code hosting services.

Apart from these, Instagram, Mozilla Firefox, Pinterest, NASA, Onion and Mahalo are also renowned Django sites.


Where to get Advanced Django Course?

The best way to study advanced Django is to opt for a detailed course at an IT Training Institute in Noida. While there are many such centers, AP2V Noida is considered the finest. With customizable training sessions we let you select the type of tutorial that best suits your schedule.


Is Django used for front end or back end?

The programming language Python is the one that Django is written in. This ensures that Django is an assortment of Python libs, which permit users to swiftly develop a high quality web application. The entire process is exceptionally well streamlined which also makes Django perfect for frontend as well as backend. That being said, it offers you a great deal of benefits when used for the front end, such as display, easy data selection and even formatting.


The AP2V Noida Advantage

At the forefront of Python programming training in Noida, AP2V Noida offers students a wide range of facilities. Take a look at all the advantages of pursuing your Web Developer Course in Noida with us-

  1. People regard us as the greatest Python Institute in Noida purely for the additional assistance we are willing to extend to our students. Since maximizing learning is our motto, we ensure no candidate is left behind for our trainers offer intriguing learning techniques and memory mnemonics.

  2. Our coursework guarantees that candidates learn the subtle intricacies of using Django. Right from the fundamentals to sophisticated techniques we have a comprehensive module that is complete with online training and tutorials.

  3. Our staff comprises of learned industry experts who are well versed in using Django on a professional level. Rest assured knowing that you can learn a great deal from their expertise.

  4. We furnish students with detailed study material as well as other learning aids in the course of our Python Training in Noida that are compatible with their learning style. These include video tutorials, practical lessons as well as study material.

  5. We are pleased announce that our Python Class in Noida is inexpensive, which makes sure every worthy candidate in Noida and the NCR can afford it.


If studying under Ducat Noida is your motto then register for a Core Java Course in Noida with AP2V Noida. Our training facility has state-of-the-art equipment and capable trainers who are made available to students for the duration of the course. We assist you in every way to get certified and placed with the right organization.


Please reach our team at +91 124 4364210 or visit our training facility in Noida at your earliest convenience. Whether you wish to take a Machine Learning course in Noida or learn Java Programming in Noida, we shall offer you all the information you seek.





Lesson : 1 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • About Django
  • Django Components

Installing & Configuring Django Components

Lesson : 2 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • Django Pre-Requisites
  • Downloading & Installing Django
  • Choosing a Database
  • Creating a New Project

Generating Simple Django Views

Lesson : 3 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • About view functions
  • Using Django’s Http Response Class
  • Understanding Http Request Object
  • Using Query Dict Objects

Configuring URL Conf

Lesson : 4 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • About URL Conf
  • Regular Expressions
  • Expression Examples
  • Simple URL Conf Examples
  • Using Multiple URL Conf
  • Passing URL Arguments

Django Templates

Lesson : 5 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • About Templates
  • Template Fundamentals
  • Creating Template objects
  • Loading Template Files
  • Filling in Template Content (Context Objects)
  • Template Filters
  • Template Tags
  • More on For Loops
  • Template Inheritance
  • Easy Rendering of Templates
  • Request Context Processors
  • Global Context Processors

HTML Forms with Forms (formerly new forms)

Lesson : 6 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • The Forms Module
  • Creating the Form
  • Generating Output from the Form
  • Customizing Field Parameters
  • Processing Form Data
  • Customizing Form Outpu

Database Models with Django

Lesson : 7 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • About Database Models
  • Configuring Django for Database Access
  • Understanding Django Apps
  • About Django Models
  • Defining Django Models
  • Understanding Model Fields & Options
  • Table Naming Conventions
  • Creating A Django Model
  • Adding the App to Your Project
  • Validating the App
  • Generating & Reviewing the SQL
  • Adding Data to the Model
  • Primary Keys and the Model
  • Simple Data Retrieval Using a Model
  • Understanding QuerySets
  • Applying Filters
  • Specifying Field Lookups
  • Lookup Types
  • Slicing QuerySets
  • Specifying Ordering in QuerySets
  • Common QuerySet Methods
  • Deleting Records
  • Managing Related Records
  • Retrieving Related Records

Django ORM

Lesson : 8 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • ORM Configuration:
  • Mapper Configuration
  • Relationship Configuration
  • Inheritance Mapping
  • Advanced Collection Configuration
  • Configuration Extensions:
  • Declarative Extension
  • Association Proxy
  • Hybrid Attributes
  • Mutable Scalars
  • Ordered List
  • ORM Usage: Session Usage and Guidelines
  • Query API reference
  • Relationship Loading Techniques
  • Using Q Objects
  • Creating Forms from Models

Using the Django Admin Interface

Lesson : 9 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • Enabling the Admin Interface
  • Creating an Admin User

Access Control with Sessions and Users

Lesson : 10 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • Cookies & Django
  • The Django Session Framework
  • Sessions in Views
  • Session Tuning
  • Installing Django User Authentication
  • Using Authentication in Views
  • Login and Logout
  • Building your Own Login/Logout Views
  • Authentication Decorators
  • Adding & Deactivating Users
  • Asynchronous Messaging
  • Managing Permissions

Generic Views

Lesson : 11 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • Simple Generic Views
  • Using Generic Redirects
  • Other Generic Views
  • Create/Update/Delete Generic views

Creating Syndication Feeds

Lesson : 12 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • About Syndication

AJAX Integration with Django

Lesson : 13 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • AJAX with Django

Data Caching for Performance

Lesson : 14 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • Data Caching
  • Setting up Per-View Caching
  • Site Caching

Preventing Cross Site Request Forgery

Lesson : 15 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • Cross Site Request Forgery

Django's Email Functionality

Lesson : 16 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • Configuring Mail Settings
  • Sending Email
  • Other Email Functions

Deploying Django Applications

Lesson : 17 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • Deploying to Apache

Using Report Lab for PDF Generation

Lesson : 18 | Duration 1.5 hours

  • About ReportLab Toolkit
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