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The Internet of Things or IoT can be explained as a system of interrelated digital devices that can be accessed via the internet. There are built-in sensors that are assigned with an IP address and an ability to transfer data over an interconnected network of connected things. By allowing devices to be controlled remotely, it helps in connecting the computing systems with physical world. This needs automation of nearly every field for improved productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. There is an ever-growing need for software and hardware specialists who can work with this system. At AP2V Noida, we provide the best IoT training in Noida. We are the best IoT training institute in Noida providing in-depth knowledge about this technology.

Recent Trends in IoT:

As of now, there are more than 20 billion connected devices running on this technology. In the coming years, there will be more emphasis on demand for smart devices to be used for industrial purposes. In fact, devices will become highly interactive and intuitive ranging from smart homes to connected medical facilities.

Another interesting trend to watch out for is the growing prominence of edge community. There will be a greater adoption of IoT for medical devices. It was expected that these devices like sensors, wearable tech, and health monitors will grow by 26.2% by the end of 2021 to reach the mark of $72 billion. Apart from these trends, there will be more focus on IoT security due to an ocean of vital data floating in the cloud. It will include biometric logins and layered machine to machine authentication to thwart data violations.

All these are promising trends building a huge potential for IoT professionals. At AP2V Noida, we provide the best IoT training in Noida for the beginners. Our tutorials are comprehensive and available at cost-effective IoT course fees.

Course Prerequisites:

With more adoption of IoT technology, the companies are looking to tab the desired talent in this field. Therefore, the next generation of software developers must possess an ability to solve intuitive problems. It requires a specialized skill set to perform better in this new ecosystem. As an IoT learner, you should possess the basic networking knowledge and understanding of Linux fundamentals and Python. Though it isn’t essential, you may benefit from a basic understanding of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, Big Data designs, automation for operability, IP networking, and hardware interfacing.

At AP2V Noida, we strengthen your career-enhancing skills by providing detailed courses for IoT certification in Noida. Whatever be your current skills, we can provide you with complete support and guidance to make a mark in this growing industry.

Course Summary:

Since IoT is in the phase of evolution and development, you can steer ahead in this field with one of the best IoT courses in India offered by AP2V Noida. We provide a detailed curriculum and a focus on well-formatted training modules to grow your skill sets. Our IoT training in Noida is designed by the experts who have years of experience in IT industry. With successful completion of this course, you will learn the following:

  • The Internet of Things and technologies that enable it. They may include connectivity, sensing, and mobile computing.
  • Applications of IoT concepts in the power systems, enterprise monitoring, healthcare, and artificial intelligence.
  • Knowledge of sensors, communication interfaces, and microcontrollers to build IoT-enabled devices.
  • Skills for selecting application layer protocols and architectures for web services to ensure seamless integration into IoT system.
  • Insights into cloud infrastructure, APIs, and services.

These are the skills that you can develop with AP2V Noida’s Internet of Things training and certification.



What Is Internet of Things and How It Works?

In the simplest terms, Internet of Things or IoT is the technology that connects any device to the internet using a giant network of connected people and things. It collects and shares data about the environment and applications around these things. There are four main components of this system that includes sensors, data processing, user interface, and connectivity.  The devices with built-in sensors are connected to an IoT platform that integrates data from different locations and applies data analytics to share the most relevant information. This platform can exactly pinpoint useful information to detect significant patterns, probable issues, and make recommendations for better decision making.

What are the Applications of Internet of Things?

While IoT trends for next few years are anticipating a two-fold increase in the number of IoT techniques and devices by 2020, you can expect this number to grow even further with hyper-personalization using AI. From smart houses to smart city infrastructure, it is the most talked about technology that will completely change the way people do their work. This technology is used for enabling remote operations, inventory management, speed, and productivity in business processes. The healthcare industry is a major beneficiary of this technology along with connected cars, industrial systems, and retail industries.

What are the Popular Programming Languages for IoT Ecosystem?

As per a survey, it was found that Java, JavaScript, Python, and C are the most commonly used for IoT development. When it comes to web apps, servers, and mobile apps, these languages are more or less similar. To build smart things, you can’t rely on a single language due to which the developers use many other programming languages. C++ is preferred for object-oriented processing, PHP for juggling Microservices on the server, and Swift for developing iOS apps.

The Advantages of Learning IoT from AP2V Noida:

At AP2V Noida, we always strive to give a competitive edge to your career-oriented skills. We have devised the best possible course structure to provide IoT coaching classes in Noida. When you enroll in our training modules, you can rest assure for securing your future in this field. The key advantages of our training are:

  • The most comprehensive IoT tutorials for beginners.
  • The best faculty possessing years of experience and profound expertise in this domain.
  • The flexible schedule for online training and classroom sessions.
  • The best placement support provided by our leading mentors and consultants.

Being the best institute for IoT training in Noida, we take pride in our ability to shape the career of IT aspirants. To know more about this course, call us at +91 120 4324774 and talk to our consultants.

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